Milton Barbarosh – Based in Florida

Milton Barbarosh, based in Florida, specializes in real estate sales and is a licensed business broker. He has been working in financial advisory for over 35 years and is currently the President of Stenton Leigh Group, Inc., however, he has worked at various other companies as President, Chief Executive Officer and Manager of Merchant Banking.

As is evident, Milton Barbarosh has extensive experience in the field of finance and sales and provides every one of his customers with the same outstanding professional service he has built his reputation upon.

Milton Barbarosh established the Stenton Leigh Group in 1989 as he had a passion for investing in upcoming businesses and providing them with any advisory services they may need to succeed. Since 1989, SLG has been expanding and has gained a very positive reputation in the public, throughout not only the United States but also abroad into other countries.

Barbarosh has a blog set up in which he enjoys keeping updated. Fans of his, or potential customers, can see what he has been up to as well as newspapers he’s been in and interviews he has done. This is a very good source for potential customers to get really to know Barbarosh before they jump into a business agreement with him. It’s a brilliant opportunity to know the person you’re working with, and it helps to build the trust between the employee and the customer.

Milton Barbarosh is an intelligent man who is very philosophical and observant. When working with him, people may find that these are brilliant qualities to work with, and they really give Barbarosh the edge he needs to stand out as not only a financial advisor but also as a person. Many people look up to him for this and see him as a role model.

Overall, Milton Barbarosh is a very down-to-earth man that you can trust, and he has tonnes of experience in financial advisory.