Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh is a highly trained and reputable CPA (certified public accountant) and the President of Empire Global Advisory Services. With 25 years of experience his expertise has helped him create The Empire Global Advisory Services, which was founded in 2011. The Empire Global Advisory Services assists clients with their financial investments on a wide range of scales (small, medium, or large).

Over the years, Milton Barbarosh has received positive testimonials from clients in regards to his level of knowledge and industry skills. Milton Barbarosh attended McGill University where he studied public accountancy and then York University to obtain his Masters in Business Administration.

Throughout his illustrious career, Milton has worked for KPMG, Ernst& Young, and Royal Bank of Canada. These positions allowed for him to hone his accounting skills immensely, which has been beneficial for his clients and himself professionally.

Milton Barbarosh’s career has given him the ability to travel all around the world including Boca Raton, Florida where he became President of JW Charles Group, Inc. in1986. Building his portfolio with a diverse collection of clients has allowed for him to understand different perspectives and accounts.

Milton Barbarosh currently assists with his family’s business (Croft Investments Limited Partnership). As an operator of this portfolio, he deals with company investments that include debt financing, acquisition services, and mergers. As a highly skilled accounting professional, Milton is a member of many industry-leading organizations. The list of organizations includes:


  • General Member: AICPA (The American Institute of CPAs)
  • General Member: FICPA (Florida Institute of CPAs)
  • Licensed ABV (Accredited Business Valuator)
  • Senior Member/Business Valuator: American Society of Appraisers
  • Certified General Management Accountant (CGMA)

When you are deciding to look for a financial adviser you should look for one whom has an immense amount of expertise and proven success. Milton Barbarosh is a professional that you can depend on with experience within different areas of accounting to assist with your financial investments.